Top Technology Apps You Must Download

Top Technology Apps? we hear you say, but aren’t all apps a technological marvel in their own way? That is true, but what we’re looking for is the ones that stand out on their own as brilliant technological achievements, or that use great technology within them.

These are the top must have technology apps for your mobile device in 2013.


Top Technology Apps You Must Download 1

While Square markets itself, quite rightly, as a leading mobile point of sale solution, it also has a range of other benefits. Yes, for business users it is an essential tool, but does it have some personal uses, too?

If you are a kind-hearted type of soul who lends their friends money when they ask for it, then hats off to you. At the same time, you might also suffer the frustration of having to fight to get it back. ‘I only have my card’ is a common excuse when you bump into them, which is where Square, with its mobile card reader, could well come good for you.



If you are familiar with the personal finance website of the same name, then the chances are you know about the Mint app, too.

This simple to use personal money solution allows you to enter incomings, expenditure, who you owe money to, and vice-versa, giving you an up-to-date, accurate picture of your personal finances on the go.

Stuff Magazine

Top Technology Apps You Must Download 2

Okay, so this isn’t an app that blows us away due to its technological capabilities, but you cannot possibly have a list of leading tech apps without featuring one of the hottest sources of tech news around, can you?

App marketplaces are filled with tech news apps, so make sure you find the one that best fits your needs and interests, and download it to your device today.


Despite Evernote being around for what seems like forever, it is still one of the leading apps available. The reason you know this is a great app is that if you don’t use it, you probably don’t feel like you need it. Once you have downloaded it, however, you will wonder how you ever got out of bed and made it to work on time without using Evernote.

Keep on the fly ideas, pictures, recordings, and whatever else you need close at hand at all times with this application.


You need to have some fun entertainment apps on your device, too, and this is where something such as Hulu steps in. While Netflix is a great app and service, it isn’t going to carry your favorite show that you missed last night and want to catch up with.

Hulu means you can catch up on your essential viewing on the go, leaving your time at home to spend with family or a loved one.

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