Give Print from Anywhere with Google Cloud Print

Do you know that the printer in the home can be accessed from anywhere in the world. For that we have to use Google Chrome browser. Log-in with Gmail and we can give print to printer at home. At first both the printer and PC at home should be in ON state. Then, opening the browser we have to go to the ‘settings’ and then in the settings tab came scroll down and click on +Show advanced settings and there in the menu we have to find the option ‘Google Cloud Print’. Now click on the ‘manage’ under Google Cloud Print and attach the using printer with ‘Add Printer’ option.

Google Cloud Print in chrome://settings/

To give print from any place, click on Print(Ctrl+P) in the Chrome Browser, and selecting the remote printer through Destination → Change, we have to give print. What we have to remember here is that we can take printouts of the content in browser only. We cannot give print from system software. In case, we have to give the print of a word document in our system, first we have to upload it into Google Docs and doing so office files printouts can also be taken. The same facility can also be utilized from android mobile devices for which the suitable app available is ‘Cloud Print‘. For iPhone and iPad users Print Central Pro app is special using which print to all printers is possible.

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