How to Play MP3 Audio Files in Google Drive

Whatever we want to do online, we must move through Google and with a Google Account there will be many advantages. We can use Gmail which has become inevitable email service now-a-days whether to a student, employee or businessman. And with a Google Account we can connect to Google Plus, we can sign in to YouTube and YouTube Channels can be maintained, and to say more we can even utilize Google Drive and Google Maps. With one Google account we can access all Google services and many more things can be done like hearing audio in Google Drive, printing to any printer over the web using Google Cloud Print etc. Now let’s know how to play mp3 audio files in Google Drive.

Do you know that Google Drive is a cloud storage service that provides free space for storing files, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, photos in a safer way and those can be edited at any time with Google Docs. In the same way do you know that we can hear songs and music tracks which were done backup in Google Drive there itself with DriveTunes app. For that open in Google Chrome browser and log-in with Gmail and after that we have to accept the app’s request for permission. By doing this we can view the list of all music files uploaded in Google Drive. Using DriveTunes audio player your music tracks in Drive can be heard at any time from any system which has internet connection. DriveTunes audio player supports mp3 and mp4 files uploaded to Google Drive.

If we want to hear music stored in Google Drive from mobile phone there are suitable apps for that. If Android mobile is being used, we can use the app ‘CloudAround Lite Music Player’. Using this wonderful multi-cloud music player app along with audio files in Google Drive we can stream the music tracks those stored in other respective cloud services like Dropbox, Box, SkyDrive, SugarSync and Amazon S3. Apple iPhone and iPad users can use the app ‘CloudBeats – Music Player

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