Elections 2014 Andhra Pradesh – How to Find Your Name in Electoral Roll and Your Polling Booth

As you may already know, an electoral roll is the list of voters prepared for every constituency who are allowed to vote on election day. Here is how you can find out whether your name is entered on the electoral roll or not.

First go to the official website of the Chief Electoral Officer, Andhra Pradesh – www.ceoandhra.nic.in
Chief Electoral Officer, Andhra Pradesh - Election Commission of India - Electoral Roll

Now from the menu options select ‘PDF Electoral Rolls’ if you already know your polling station location or else select ‘Search Your Name’.

If you know your polling station location and selected ‘PDF Electoral Rolls’ option, then provide your District and Assembly Constituency Name and click ‘Get Polling Stations’ to get the list of Polling Stations in your Assembly Constituency.

Final Electoral Rolls (Special Summary Revision-2014)

Now find your polling station location from the list and click on the corresponding View link to see the voter list drafted in PDF.

For those of you who doesn’t know your polling station or booth name, use either of the links below to use ‘Search Your Name’ option.

Search Your Name Link 1:
Search Your Name Link 2: http://ceoaperms1.ap.gov.in/Search/search.aspx

Entering into any of the links above, select your District Name, Assembly Constituency Name and start searching with your House Number or Name or Photo Identity Card Number.

Don’t know your polling booth yet? Using your Voter ID number you can easily find your polling booth or polling station location and save time on election day – 7 May 2014. To find your polling booth use the link:

Vote is your right.. Use it!!

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