How to Draw a Flowchart Online with ProcessOn?

Flowchart is quite often used in studying and working to express an idea or a process clearly and efficiently. Still using Visio to draw flowcharts? Don’t waste time in downloading and installing, now there emerges a best web-based Visio alternative called ProcessOn. This article shared today is to tell you how to draw a flowchart online with a browser by using ProcessOn.
Follow how to draw a flowchart online with ProcessOn step-by-step guide and easily draw flowchart diagrams online

Tools Required to Draw a Flowchart Online:

  • Computer with internet access
  • A browser

Steps to Draw a Flowchart Online with ProcessOn

  1. Signup on ProcessOn.(Totally free).
  2. Click on “New Diagram” in the top right menu.
  3. Choose a template to create a new diagram.(I usually choose “Uncategorized”).
  4. Click “More Shapes” on bottom left side of the designer.
  5. Make sure flowchart shape library is selected.
  6. Drag out flowchart shape into the designer canvas.

Tips While Using ProcessOn

Add text to the shape

For adding text to your shape you’ve a few options. Either you can add text after creating a new shape by immediately typing, or you can double-click on the shape to add or edit text.

Align objects

You can easily align the new shape with existing shapes on the canvas with the lines that appear to help you align objects as soon as you drag a new object onto the canvas.

Collaboration and chat in real time

Invite someone to join the collaboration by the email or name. You can collaborate and chat in real time.

More features need to be dig out, enjoy your drawing at!

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