Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available for Rs. 17,999 Only

There will be sparkling light in the eyes of Samsung lovers on hearing about Galaxy Smartphone. When Samsung Galaxy S3 came long back it had marked as a tech revolution in Android Smartphones. Now Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 have arrived creating wonders and Galaxy S6 is coming soon.

The Samsung GALAXY S4 with the slogan Life Companion is extending valuable facilities with amazing features and specifications. No doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a true life companion that simplifies our daily lives with loads of innovative features.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available at for just Rs.17,999 only.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 (Deep Black)

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 (Deep Black)

Top Samsung Galaxy S4 Features

  • In regard to Galaxy S4 camera features in the entertainment section, we can capture photos from both the 2MP front camera and 13MP rear camera simultaneously with the Dual Shot feature. In any party, if we’re shooting photos, we need not worry that we are not in the photo. With front facing camera, we can take our photo and we can add it with the photo shot with rear camera. We can also record up to nine seconds of audio conversation when shooting photo or afterwards and attach it to the photo with Sound & Shot feature.
  • And with the Drama Shot feature of the Samsung Galaxy S4 we can shoot all the actions of any moving subject such as our dog in one photo and put them together to show in one picture.
  • With Story Album feature, we can organize our photos and create attractive albums.
  • To share the music Group Play feature is available.
  • We can get access to a variety of mobile content such as movies, games, books and music entering into Samsung Hub.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 allows users to share their mobile screen with friends. For example, even if the lovers are away from each other still they can get access to each other’s mobile with Screen Sharing feature. They both possibly can use music files, games, etc. We can easily translate spoken words or typed text into several languages with S Translator.
  • With the new Smart Pause function, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will track user’s every eye movement and automatically pauses video playback when the user looks away from the screen. Suppose, while viewing a video if we turn to our friend calling, then the video automatically becomes paused. Again, if we view the screen, it will start playing the video.
  • At the time of viewing photos and videos on Samsung Galaxy S4, with Adapt Display feature display modes will change automatically according to the necessity. Adapt Display automatically provides optimized display settings by changing the brightness, saturation and contrast of the display screen according to the content and situation. Seven automatic display modes are provided and manually 4 can be done. Likewise, there is an Adapt Sound feature that can automatically adjust and balance the music volume.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S4 provides an awesome feature to control the phone with ease without having to even touch the phone. With the awesome feature of Air Gesture and Air View, just by waving the hand over the Galaxy S4 screen we can quickly and efficiently respond to calls, change the songs, view the photos, enlarge content, preview emails, speed dial and browse the web. Even if our hands are wet from sweat or if we’re wearing gloves, the GALAXY S4 5-inch multi-touch FHD super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen will still respond to our touch.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 is eligible to use as a universal remote to control various gadgets in your home. With Samsung WatchON we can use GALAXY S4 as remote to connect and control various gadgets such as television, Blu-ray player, home theatre system, DVR or set-top box. With Watch ON application the programme schedule of TV channels can also be viewed.

  • Using Samsung Home Sync feature, which is a web connected and network attached feature, we can enjoy our own personal cloud storage. 1TB (Terabyte) of cloud storage capacity can be used by Home Sync facility. The Samsung Home Sync device can store tons of photos, videos, android games and TV shows.
  • To ensure the safety and security of Samsung GALAXY S4, Samsung KNOX mobile security system does a good job.
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 also equips a wonderful app named S Health which is our personal fitness trainer. The S Health app provides health tips duly monitoring our daily health and well-being. With more facilities provided in S Health app, the touchscreen will estimate the fitness potentiality. In the daily exercise, it monitors how many calories are burned and how much calorie food has been consumed. Always it supervises weight, glucose levels, food habits and extends healthy tips. It also updates the atmospheric details and informs the care to be taken.

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Rs. 17,999 onlyBuy Samsung Galaxy S4 from Amazon for Rs.17,999 only

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