Samsung GT-B2700 Can Resist Dust and Water

Samsung has launching the GT-B2700, a new candybar phone certified to be resistant to water and dust. The B2700 is actually a significant upgrade to the rugged Samsung M110.Samsung GT-B2700
According to Mobil Czech, Samsung’s strategy is to launch phones in a market that has been rather underserved or neglected by the mobile industry.

As for the specs, don’t expect the high-end features of a modern smartphone. Specs on this new phone include:

* 176 x 220 TFT display
* Music player with FM radio and RDS
* Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0
* Built-in compass AND altimeter
* 30 MB internal memory and up to 4 GB MicroSD expandable memory
* 1300 mAh battery
* Quad-band EDGE
No video calling or second camera on this one, but the rugged build will attract a lot of customers and built-in compass/altimeter make it intriguing.

The phone’s durability was tested and certified at IP54 level. This means that no dust particle larger than 1mm is allowed into the phone thus keeping the phone in good working order, and is protected from direct sprays of water.

The B2700 will be sold at the end of the summer in Czechoslovakia for 5000 crowns (about $330 US)

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