How to Make an Animated Presentation With Focusky Presentation Software

Focusky is the top-grade presentation software that works well on both Windows & Mac enabling you to create a professional and appealing animated presentation in just 5 minutes. Focusky is dedicated to making awesome visual experience for your audience with tons of advanced features it offers. Also, the animated presentations made by Focusky are compatible with almost any mobile device allowing you to access and present yours anytime and anywhere. Focusky - HTML5 Presentation Software

Why you need to make an animated presentation?

Nowadays, increasingly many people tend to prepare an animated presentation before making a speech, because it can be a visual aid for a speech.

Most audience will keep their attention on the engaging delivery during a speech. Otherwise, they will either fall asleep or get up and leave. Thereby, an animated presentation presenting animation and transition effect is a visual appeal to make your audiences focused. It is known to us, multimedia can take communication to the next level, so an animated presentation including images, charts, videos can help your audiences catch your idea easily. Here is an example animated presentation made by Focusky:

How to Use Focusky Presentation Software to Make an Animated Presentation?

Visit the following video tutorial to learn how to create an animated presentation:

Step 1: Download and install the desktop version of Focusky on your computer

Step 2: Create new empty project Focusky - Create New Empty Project

Step 3: Select background image and color
Focusky comes with tons of well-designed 3D backgrounds, image backgrounds, video backgrounds and background colors you can use throughout your animated presentation. The 3D background is always worth trying if you want to enhance the sense of space and stereo of your animated presentation.Focusky - Select Background Image for Your Animated Presentation
Also, you can import a local image as background image to make your animated presentation even more unique.
Focusky - Add Local Image - Import an image as background image for your animated presentation

Step 4: Add path to the animated presentation
Four types of paths are available to you: Rectangle Frame, Bracket Frame, Circle Frame and Invisible Frame, which can be easily added to the canvas. It features a great design that enables you to customize the play order, delay time and transition time. If necessary, you can add subtitling and voice narration to each of the paths.Focusky Animated Presentation - Add Path

Step 5: Insert multimedia to the animated presentation
Focusky has infinite canvas to accommodate lots of multimedia elements ensuring that you can integrate video, audio, text, image, role and so on to present your ideas and thoughts in an engaging way.New Focusky Presentation - Insert multimedia objects into your animated presentation

Step 6: Add animation to the object
You can animate the object by using different animation effects such as Historical Effects, Entrance Effects, Emphasis Effects, Exit Effects and Action Paths that can deliver great entertainment to your audiences. Besides, you are allowed to custom the animation duration and delay time to meet your requirements. Focusky Presentation - Add Animation to your presentation
Focusky Animated Presentation - Select objects and add animation effect
Presentation Software - Choose An Animation Effect -  Historical Effects - Entrance Effects - Emphasis Effects - Exit Effects - Action Paths

Step 7: Publish the animated presentation
Focusky gives you multiple options to publish your animated presentation as HTML, EXE, ZIP, APP, MP4 or PDF format. You can choose one from them as per your individual needs.Publish Focusky Animated Presentation Choosing the Publish Type Such As - Publish to Cloud, Windows Application (.exe), Video, Flash Web Page (.html), HTML5 Web Page, MAC OSX Application, Archive(.zip), Mobile Type (.mfs), Publish as PDF
Publish Focusky Animated Presentation to Cloud Server to View Your Presentation Anytime Anywhere

How to Fast Make an Animated Presentation With Focusky Templates?

Step 1: Get started fast with the templates available in Focusky
You can get started fast with the templates available in Focusky covering Business, Education, Technology, Science, Festival and Animal that will respond to your requirements seamlessly.Focusky Online Templates for Your Animated Presentation

Step 2: Make some customizationCustomise Focusky Template

Step 3: Publish the animated presentationPublish Your Focusky Animated Presentation as Windows Application (.exe)

Publish Focusky Animated Presentation as Windows Application(.exe) to View and Make the Presentation on Windows Conveniently.

How to Free Get Focusky Pro for 3 Months?

Focusky Pro is being given away for visitors of, you can get it here before June 5, 2017.

Step 1: Visit this Focusky Pro giveaway page:

Step 2: Enter your email address to get the code.

Step 3: Create an account on (or log in with an existing free account)

Step 4: Visit the exchange page to activate Focusky account with exchange code.

Focusky Download Link:

Note: The program provides a 3-month license. You won’t be able to use your old paid account if you have one. The code will work only with the free account!

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