10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Development Works

We live in a time where every company needs some sort of software to manage their business. So either companies use existing tools or create their own software by hiring or outsourcing the development work.

There’s a debate always as to whether one should outsource their development work or not. While there are pros and cons to outsourcing software development, I think the advantages overshadows the cons.

If you have any concerns of outsourcing software development, read the reasons why you should think of outsourcing software development to understand more about them.

In-House vs. Outsourcing Software Development
In-House vs. Outsourcing Software Development

Let’s see the top 10 reasons why you should think of outsourcing your software development.

1. Save Time

This is the most obvious reason why people outsource their development work. Let’s be honest, time is crucial especially for any company who has just started their operations. There are hundreds things that you’ll need to manage.

Development takes a lot of time, so why not free yourself from all that tension of managing development work.  

By outsourcing you can save a lot of time which you can then use in focusing on other important areas of your company. Things like funding, hiring, employee engagement, partnerships, marketing etc.

2. Reduce Cost

You want to build something, you create a plan. But when you sit to implement the project you see that it will cost you a fortune.

What do you do then? While product creation is important but cost saving is equally important! Isn’t it?

Why not outsource then? Outsourcing not only helps in saving time but also in saving cost connected with employees your business requires. You won’t require to do a lot of things if you outsource your development work.

3. Attracting Developers is Difficult

We live in a age where developers are the most priced commodity?

Especially if you are thinking of hiring an experienced developer, it can cost you a fortune. The top executive search firms provide you with a panel of candidates who meet the established criteria. You also shouldn’t forget the time you’ll be spending in finding these developers. Hence, outsourcing your software development to a vendor is a much better approach.

It might seem easy, but finding and building a development team is not an easy task, especially in 2019.

An interesting study from TalentNow shows –

Over 86% of developers are not actively looking for job opportunities.

4. Lack of Experience

As I mentioned earlier, building a great team can take years together. Also, there might be a case where you have a team but they are not ready or inexperienced for the project. Hence is very sensible to go for an outsourcing company. Most of the times these companies have talented developers who know all the latest technologies.

Why would you risk an important project? Go for experience, don’t follow your gut feeling.

5. Free Yourself From Support

Software Development is not a one time thing. It’s a long time process. You need to keep adding features and removing bugs to keep using the software easily.

This is also true for outsourced software. Most agencies will provide you support so that you don’t need to spend extra time in support later.

As we discussed earlier, time is very crucial for any company, be it small or big.

6. Access to Latest Technologies

You might have an existing team, but are they experienced in the latest technologies? If not I will advise (& everybody else) to outsource your software development.

If budget is not a constraint, it will be great if your software is made using the latest technologies. This will also give you an significant edge from your competitors. Just make sure you choose a quality software outsourcing company.

7. Flexibility

At its core most companies outsource their software development work to gain flexibility and speed. Sometimes, especially startups needs to quickly adapt to situations otherwise they might not even exist in the future.

At the end it all comes down to the current situation. Sometimes it makes more sense in hiring developers and build a team, other times it’s better to outsource your software development.

8. Avoid Risk

One main advantage of outsourcing your development is to avoid risks. Whether you are experienced in software development or not, there’s always a risks in the whole process. Sometimes you’ll have to do it all over again because of a small mistake.

If you outsource development you remove this risk. Most of times these companies follow a tried-and-true process for developing applications.

9. Quality

One thing you can be sure by outsourcing your software development (if you choose the right company) is getting great quality output. Most of these agencies have developers who are very skilled.

Today’s outsourcing companies are very professional. Think this as you have hired not a company but a business partner. A partner that wants to see you succeed. But of course, in the end it’s your business on the line and not theirs.

10. Compliance

According to Red Hat –

“One aspect of IT Compliance affects development work, because it aims to ensure that applications meet legal requirements, corporate policies, and industry standards. To do this, is usual for specialists to advise development teams on ways of making compliance easier, by summarising the task, advising on architectural designs that minimise the task.”

By outsourcing you don’t need to spend time in check compliance etc.


Hope these reasons are more than enough to convince you the advantages of outsourcing software development. These are some of the key advantages of outsourcing your software development.

Lastly, I want to conclude that software development also has its cons. It’s not 100% perfect. Hence, before making any decision, make sure to consult other team members as well as give yourself enough time as possible to think this through.

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