Why Use WhatsApp in 2020?


Mobile messengers are one of the most used applications as per the statistics in the last decade. This is something which is quite obvious as most of us spend 2-3 hours daily on an average on our messaging apps. There are a number of messaging apps nowadays, but, WhatsApp is still one of the most popular apps of its genre.

The sheer number of features, as well as regular updates, has made WhatsApp quite a favourite messaging app on both Android as well as iOS platform. Though, with the competition in the social networking and messaging apps rising rapidly people are starting to move to other ones. So, in this article we are going to talk about a general query which is why we should use WhatsApp in 2020.

How does WhatsApp work?

Just like other messaging applications, WhatsApp allows you to send text and voice messages to anyone in your contact list. Apart from just texts and voice chats, there are a plethora of features that this market leader offers which are:

  • Video Call
  • Audio Call
  • Document Sharing
  • Image Sharing
  • App Sharing
  • Contact Sharing, and
  • Audio Sharing

With all these features being right at your fingertips, you can manage all of your online social interactions with ease. The best part about using WhatsApp is that the quality of their servers, as well as the speed of transmission that it offers, is amazing.

No matter how weak your internet connection is, as long as you have internet connectivity your messages will be delivered. Moreover, the quality of Audio and Video calls is better than what most of its competitors offer.

What are the unique features of WhatsApp?

As we mentioned earlier, there are a plethora of features that WhatsApp offers. Some of which are:

  • Emoji: If you think that words are not enough to describe your emotions or what you want to say, then Emojis are the perfect solution. There are hundreds of small icons which will make your conversations much more interactive and exciting. You can use these emojis and message features on different contacts respectively. For instance, you can use the smiling face with sunglasses emoji 😎 to express a cool, confident, carefree attitude.
  • GIFs: Truth to be told, we all love GIFs. These short 2-5 second clips make the conversation so much better. WhatsApp offers a great pool of these graphical audio-less motion images. All you have to do is to type down what you are looking for; it will offer you a number of media to share with your friends and family.
  • Groups: Whether it is a group of 3 or a whole batch of 256, you can all communicate on a single space at the same time with WhatsApp groups. The maximum limit of the group member is currently 256.

WhatsApp: Why is it so popular?

One of the biggest factors of WhatsApp being still relevant in 2020 is because of its popularity. Those who use this messaging app are deeply in love with it. Not to mention that all of their important contacts are also on the same platform. All this makes it a lot easier for everyone to get connected.

So, this was just a gist of what WhatsApp has in its store for you. You can download it for free from your mobile app store. Also, you can use its web apps as well.

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