HP and Dell Laptops | Which is More Satisfying?

Dell vs HP Laptop Comparison | The Ultimate Fight

The decision between buying an HP or a Dell laptop has sometimes even confused the biggest computer enthusiasts who have not looked into them more in depth. The comparison between the biggest laptop brands in the world is something one must do before making a buying decision.

So, how HP and Dell compare with each other and which of these two goliaths will give you the best “bang for the buck”? Which laptop is better? HP or Dell? Let us find out.


Dell Laptops have one of the most “assembly line” looking aesthetics. They are very ordinary looking and they are not specifically made to look for anyone. A Dell laptop will look right at home with a college student but you will not also notice anything peculiar if you see it with a business professional. They are not built to stand out and their design language also compliments that. One thing that might make them different from one another is their colors. Dells have a huge variety of colors to choose when buying one. Now that may give it some personality as you will not notice many pink laptops with business professionals, however that is where it all ends.

HPs on the other hand are built to stand out. Their design language suits a particular type of person. They look sleek and are built for professionals to use. They also do not offer many different colors to choose from. The colors they do offer are not that “crazy looking” and will look right at home with professionals.

So, in the competition of designs, we would like to say that HP takes the win for their sophisticated designs and looks.


When comparing the prices of an HP or a Dell Laptop, we see that Dell laptops are comparatively cheaper. The reason why they are cheaper is their supply chain management and how they sell their laptops. Dell laptops sell directly through vendors that they have chosen to carry their laptops. This helps them cut the cost of keeping their own stores open which is passed on to the customer in the form of a laptop that is cheaper.

HPs on the other hand have dedicated HP branded retail locations which cost money to keep open which is recouped from the customer which results in a laptop that is more expensive.


Dell laptops are built for what they are for. Productivity with no extra bells and whistles. Dells have no extra features which the customer does not really need. Their speakers and cameras are run-of-the-mill laptop speakers and cameras. Dells however have some of the best battery life in the industry and they absolutely win when comparing this to other laptops.

HP on the other hand tries to reinvent the wheel at every other adoration of the laptop generation they release. HP laptops are not only built for productivity, but they also try to focus on the entertainment aspect of their machines. Their collaborations with Beats Audio and B&E is proof that they want to provide the best entertainment experience a laptop has to offer. Watch a movie on an HP and a Dell laptop. You will find that the HP laptop will give you a more satisfying experience.

Range and Variety

Dells have a laptop for every price range you can think. From underpowered Chromebook to goliaths like the Alienware gaming laptops, Dell has a finger in every market and price range. This will help you find a laptop specifically suited for your needs.

HP on the other hand also do have a lot of variety on offer, however, they do not target every price range. With HP you might have to either compromise or you have to increase your budget to get the laptop you want. There is no middle road on offer.

Customer Care and Support

This is where Dell and HP vary a lot with each other. Dell no doubt has the best customer care and support in the market. You bring a Dell to their center and they will either fix it for you or send you home with a new one. They also have 24-hour phone support which is absolutely friendly and do what it can to fix your problem.

HP also has phone support. They however have narrowed down most of the problems customers have and have made helpful YouTube videos that fix most of the problems people have.


So, which laptop is better? HP or Dell? We believe that depends entirely upon you and your budget. If you like an HP, then buy an HP. Both are great laptop companies and we believe that both will not disappoint you.

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