Swift Is The Future Of iOS Developers

Why Swift Is The Future For iOS App Developers?

The announcement of Swift for mobile app development was made by Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, in the year 2014.

He considered it to be the new best programming language and today his hypothesis has proven to be correct.

Most iOS developers agree with Swift being the new best programming language. However, it appears that there are still a multitude of people who do not share this sentiment. This article might finally convince you.

Introduction To Swift

Swift was originally developed for beginners who were trying to understand the programming language of the mobile application development.

It was considered to be a pro-developer language for programming as it was easy to use. It is not that arduous to understand the coding being used in this language.

Swift is an autocratic kind of language that can be used to develop various kinds of apps for iOS application developers.

The apps built through Swift can be used fruitfully in almost every Apple product. Swift was primarily launched as a replacement for Objective-C, which was quite popular earlier and had come into the making from the year 1984.

Swift is used to maintaining the Xcode (IDE) that was developed to detect various kinds of errors.

The biggest plus point for Swift is that it can be used as an open-source language. This language can be used for iPhone app developers to build apps for MacBook, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

The History Behind Swift

The development team of Swift initiated their work in 2010, hiring iOS developers every year.

The language was finally launched in the year 2014 during the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple.

Several developers worked individually, experimenting with the features of Swift, and attempted to reduce the brief syntax in the iOS app development.

They tried to understand the functioning of the Swift. It was developed into a language that was short, simple, and very clear.

It was developed keeping in mind the ease of usage. However, according to a few people, it was just an evolution of Objective-C.

Swift Versions

The first version of Swift was a 1.0 version that became upgraded during the WWDC 2015 as Swift 2 and was used by the iPhone app development company.

The 2.2 version of Swift was created to be open-source and was made as part of the Apache License 2.0 in the year 2015 on December 3rd.

The Swift 3.0 was the third version of Swift that went through tumultuous evolution, and the syntax was slowly altered.

This allowed it to break free from the theory that it was just an evolution of Objective C.

Whether it was the way the code was written or was updated, finally, the Swift 4.0 version came out.

It consisted of a function of migration that was not present in the previous versions and was a notch higher than the earlier versions.

Swift has slowly grown and developed over the years. It now comes with better functions and usability and can be considered to be a better prospect than Objective-C.

Best Features Of Swift Programming

  1. It Has An Open Source

Swift.org was an application development program that has been primarily functioning as the open-source of Swift.

It has been used in preparing the language code and is used for programming. It can be used for keeping a check on all sorts of lists used for mailing and development.

Swift.org can be used to provide a version that follows a specific toolset and can be considered to be a Linux version.

It can be used for building numerous apps like WatchOS and iOS. The program for application and development is extremely easy.

  1. The Property Of Advancement Can Be Viewed In Syntax

The syntax is easier and thus a blessing for iOS app developers. The greatest benefit of syntax is that it can be used to write codes that are more expressive than before.

The nullability of Objective-C can no longer hinder the functioning of the Swift language. This ability is used in various generic functions.

  1. The Playground Of Swift Is Very Interactive

The playground of Swift has been highly beneficial for app developers. It follows a simple routine of algorithms and can be used as a seed to create an entire iPhone app. It can be used to easily make graphics.

The inline code execution that is being used in the playground of Swift can lead to the creation of several codes.

The other feature of Swift is that it consists of a kind of feedback loop. This acts as a boost for what is going to be written. There are bullet lists also present in the playground of Swift.

  1. It Can Be Considered As Relatively Safe

There is no problem with unsafe code in Swift. The Integers reused in Swift can be used as checkpoints for any kind of overflows and the verbals can be used properly. The memory of Swift can be handled automatically.

The compiler errors are a plus point of Swift. This means that there will never be an option of zero in the programming language.

A bad code can be immediately identified once it has been written. The fixing of errors in this programming language can be done swiftly and rapidly. The amount of time and money which is consumed is pretty minimal.

The NIL variable in Swift can be used to detect and solve any kind of bug problem that might be present in the programming language.

  1. Speed And Power Is On The Side Of Swift

For iPhone app developers, Swift has slowly improved itself from the legacy C conventions.

The LLVM compiler being used in Swift can be deployed as a transformer for transforming the code of Swift into an optimized native code.

The factor of object categorization which has been used in Swift can be updated to provide an extremely quick version of Python.

The functions of object-orientation which have been used in Swift, follow several classes and protocols. It provides a beckoning to the Cocoa developers.

  1. The Interoperability Of Objective-C

The files that are built-in Swift consist of a mixed language code base. This bonus of Swift evolves from the fact that it is completely adjustable and compatible with Objective-C.

So, programmers can write a language or a program of their choice with fewer restrictions.

The functionality of Swift can be easily implemented by following the new features of Swift.

The language created can also use elements of the code base created by Objective-C.


As these features prove, Swift is an incredible programming language. It can add various functionalities to your products and is easy to use. Hire iOS developers today and give it a chance!

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