Board Management Systems Market Size 2021: Global Industry Revenue

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Board management software allows board members, CEOs, and other professionals to access agendas, calendars, notes, papers, and contacts that may be utilized to improve and alert the corporate meeting process.

Additionally, board members or chief executives may use board management software to upload files or crucial data, which can assist in streamlining meeting preparation by providing accurate, timely information and an unlimited repository accessible from any device.

Overview of the Global Board Management Software Market

The Virtual Boardroom Software Market is likely to be driven by the rising need for a platform that supports the seamless running of the board’s process and maintains track of every work allocated to hold members responsible.

Additionally, Board Management Software Market features such as arranging meetings, agendas and automatically reminding members to attend are expected to increase the market in the approaching years.

Furthermore, the market is expected to be fueled by the increased acceptance of such software for improved collaboration and technical improvements in this area during the estimated decade.

The Market for Board Management Software by Enterprise Model

The market is divided into SaaS, Hosted, and Other Enterprise Models. The market demand is expected to be fueled by an increase in the usage of the Board Management Software Market by all types of companies.

  • Financial
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofits
  • For-profits
  • Foundations

Board Management Software Market by Industry

The market is divided into several industries. Because it entails managing information that must be kept secure, the financial category is likely to have the biggest market share.

Top Virtual Boardroom Providers of the Global Market in 2021

Companies in the global like in virtual boardroom software market are progressively spending in research and development operations to produce new and novel board management software solutions.

With multiple players in both established and emerging nations, the worldwide board management software industry is extremely fragmented. The following are some of the major participants in the global board management software market:

Azeus Convene

Azeus Convene is a multi-award-winning board management software and cloud-based collaboration platform for large and medium organizations across a wide range of industries. Some highlights include live online presentation capabilities, integrated video conferencing, a drag-and-drop interface, meeting scheduling, voting, fast notifications, and document review rooms.

Users may share papers, notes, agendas, and other presentation resources through a secure central platform.


BoardPro is a cloud-based board portal software application that aids in the management of board processes, day-to-day activities, and documentation. It caters to both large corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Meeting logistics is a BoardPro feature that focuses on event management, such as scheduling, drafting minutes, and other activities. The agenda builder allows users to make meeting agendas and give duties to speakers. They can also upload documents and other items pertinent to the conference.


BoardPAC is a board meeting automation technology that eliminates paper in board meetings and other high-level senior management meetings. The vendor has given awards for security, innovation, and technology. The program is also available in annual subscriptions and one-time licenses.

BoardPAC is also available for iOS and Android devices and is encrypted to military standards (AES 256). It may be used in both on-premise and cloud environments.


This sophisticated virtual board software tool helps executives get more done. The straightforward one-screen interface of Boardable makes it simple to organize online board meetings, create and share agendas, record minutes, manage and sign documents, assign tasks, and vote online, among other things.

A big advantage is the cost of this software. Best for board leaders of purpose-driven enterprises and NGOs who want to be productive, effective, and engaged no matter where they are.

Nasdaq Boardvantage

Nasdaq board portal will suit the best for serving nonprofit, public, and private organizations of all sizes in a various of industries. Nasdaq can offer a big list of all features any company would find attractive e-signatures, attendee management, calendar management, collaboration tools, many other crucial and time-saving options.


It would be perfect for SMBs worldwide wanting to improve their corporate governance with secure contract and board meeting management, allowing them to operate successfully and safely from anywhere.

ContractZen’s monthly subscription starts at $9.50 per user. ContractZen also has built-in data rooms (VDR), eSignature, and metadata-driven contract administration. Microsoft AI Platform-powered OCR, Office 365 Single Sign-On, Microsoft Teams app, and Outlook calendar integration are now available.

Diligent Boards

Board members and executives from public, private, and nonprofit organizations who want to transform and integrate governance digitally, risk, audit, and compliance processes throughout their enterprises can benefit from this course.

Diligent Boards has an easy-to-use interface and provides basic features paperless meeting solutions, votes and polls, calendar management, collaboration tools, e-signature, document management tool, etc.

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