Dont Wait Until its Too Late – Make Sure Your Google Accounts Password Recovery Options Are Up-to-Date

It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to online security and little protective measures you take goes a long way in securing your account. As part of your online account protection, keeping password recovery options up-to-date is something that has to be done. To help protect your account and secure password from intruders, Google sometimes asks you to verify your password recovery information if they’ve changed.


As you may already know, Google accounts recommended password recovery options are ‘Recovery email address’ and ‘Recovery mobile phone number’. These recovery options help users to reset their password by having an email sent to their recovery email address, or by having a text message sent to their recovery mobile phone number.

According to Google,

Users without recovery options are 9 times more likely to lose access to their accounts. Losing access can mean not being able to send mail to friends, not being able to access photos or documents you’ve created online, and not being able to access any of the information stored on your Google Account.

So, to make sure you protect your account and don’t lose any of your important info it’s always a best practice to keep your password recovery options up-to-date.

You can update your Google Account recovery options – here

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