Submit Links of Your Articles @dezineidea and Get More Traffic and Backlinks

DezineIdea is a social bookmarking website for webmasters, web designers and web developers mainly founded with the mission to make design and social community stronger and more professional.

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Being a newbie blogger, designer or developer if you wanted to gain some recognition and authenticity in the online community, then it is suggested that you submit links of your design related articles to dezineidea. Besides getting voted on your articles that are found useful, there are chances that you’ll receive some targeted traffic and backlinks.

DezineIdea provides a nifty little ‘Social Bookmarking for Designers and Developers’ bookmarklet that makes submitting your stories to dezineidea as easy as 123. After adding the bookmarklet in your favorite browser, all you have to do to submit a story is just click the bookmarklet.

Go explore fresh ideas, submit and vote on your favorite stories at

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