How to Use Lucky Patcher for iOS Devices

Lucky Patcher has become tremendously popular because of it satisfactory features. When it comes to blocking ads or patching games for Android and iOS device, lucky patcher introduces somehow anywhere, anytime. There are a lot of guides for using lucky patcher on android devices and android tablets. But, limited numbers of guides exist for using lucky patcher on iOS devices. One of the reasons might be complexity of the process. On the other hand, iOS users are not quite familiar with jailbreaking their device, whether it is iOS 10 or iOS 11.

What is Jailbreaking?

We can compare jailbreaking iOS devices to rooting android devices. Rooting and Jailbreaking is sort of similar process which is utilized for removing limitations or restriction imposed by smartphone manufacturer. Basically, restriction exists to disable installation of third-party unauthorized softwares which can manipulate the parent operating system. However, it needs to be done if we want to customize or patch any app installed in our smartphone.

Features of Lucky Patcher

  1. Absolutely Free for Usage

    There can be premium lucky patcher apk on the internet. But its all are fake, lucky patcher is completely free to use. In fact, it is developed to have premium features unlocked freely.

  2. Bypass Premium Verification

    There are many apps on Google Play Store and iOS App Store which needs premium verification before we use. You can only use such apps after you make payment. However, it can be installed and run freely by bypassing paid verification. Thanks to lucky patcher who accomplishes it freely.

  3. Remove Displeasing Ads

    We are using a lot of apps that are freely available on the app store. Do you think developers are doing their jobs without being paid? That’s where ads introduce. But it is really very irritating to have an app with shitloads of ads. Well, all of those can be easily removed via lucky patcher.

  4. Backup and Restore

    You don’t need to install any apps for backup and restore of any existing and previous apps in your smartphone. Having many apps installed on device eventually decreases smartphone’s performance. So, it needs only one app for backup and restore purpose.

  5. Free In-App Purchase

    There are many apps having features available under specific payments. We cannot pay each and every app for its features. But we can’t stop using it either. Nonetheless, lucky patcher can be the best app to have hands on. It can patch almost any game containing paid features like coins, chips etc for finishing stages you are playing. Try it once, it will be a fun.

How to Use Lucky Patcher on iOS Devices

  1. As iOS devices don’t support .apk files, we can’t download and just install lucky patcher apk. So, download iPadian and install on your iOS device.
  2. Open iPadian on your device.
  3. Now you need to search for any app you want. Search for lucky patcher via search box.
  4. Click on install button and wait while installation proceeds.
  5. Allow ask permission for lucky patcher and it will be on the drawer menu of your device.

By following the simple guide above, it is quite easy to run lucky patcher for iOS device. Apart from patching mobile games, there are various features you can use. For having in-app purchases free, one can always opt for lucky patcher whether it is android device or iOS device. Installation and usage process are easy for both kinds of devices. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and relatives.

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