How Cloud Computing Is Changing the Face of IT Support Industry

The past half a decade has seen a major shift in the entire IT industry as most businesses as well as individuals have moved away from physical media to being more reliant on software and services that can be downloaded off the Internet. Everything from our games to our photos are now on the Internet and even enterprises have started to make the change to Internet based solutions for all their day to day business operations.

However, one of the major facets of the IT industry that has been revolutionised by the widespread usage of the Internet, particularly Cloud Computing is the IT service sphere. Gone are the days when data backups would be stored on hard disks at a site and companies forced to maintain onsite as well as offsite data backups to protect against hacks, intrusions and other disasters.

The advent of cloud based storage and computing has made rendered most of these practices obsolete and while redundancies certainly are key to backups, data stored in the cloud are certainly more secure than any of the physical storage media that had been used in the past. But it is not just added data security that Cloud Computing has brought to the table, IT services can utilise the power of Cloud Computing in a multitude of ways, a salient few of which we have highlighted here today.

How Cloud Computing Is Changing the Face of IT Support Industry

1. Cost Effective

One of the main factors for setting up an IT infrastructure is the initial investment into hardware that eats up a lot of the early resources needed by a new business to expand and grow in the market. Using a Cloud based IT services solution takes care of this problem as most of the hardware is not client based and thus reduces the investment required initially.

Now, for instance, if the reviews at Titan Tech, a global IT support & services provider, are to go by, you’ll realize that most enterprises that outsource IT solutions are ahead of their peers by far. Automation used typical IT management solution companies will lower your overhead costs and allow efficient running of operations.

Furthermore, there are lots of cost effective data storage plans available in the market that also provide enterprise support. With the help of an IT admin setting up online cloud backups using a Google Drive or Dropbox backend is a pretty easy solution since most of these companies provide robust APIs and tons of documentation.

Even without the presence of a networking engineer, businesses can opt to for an on demand IT service that can set up automated cloud storage based backup schedules and install risk prevention software on a business network so that they can enjoy top of the line data backup and IT services at just a fraction of the cost.

2. Ease of Use

A big part of using cloud computing comes from the fact that the data is not stored locally and can be accessed across the Internet from any remote location. This can come in immensely handy for IT admins when troubleshooting as they do not always have to be present on site to deploy fixes or even install new software. The fact that many modern enterprise based solutions allow batch installations on client side computers means that most of the IT services can be rendered locally which gives a huge amount of flexibility and ease of use to the IT team.

Another added advantage of having data backed up and accessible from cloud computing platforms is the fact that businesses can access their data and even monitor it real time from anywhere in the world without being tethered to any physical location.

The ease of collaborating on projects from across the world combined with the safety and security of encryption methods used by cloud storage platforms means that businesses can now operate free of boundaries and thus gain optimum efficiency. As an added benefit, harnessing the power of cloud computing means that most of the strenuous calculations can be handled by offsite servers which lowers the expenditure of having to upgrade thin clients to keep up with increasing workloads and changing technologies over the years. Cloud Computing has just begun to flourish in the IT services sector and if the rest of the enterprise solutions are any indication, combined with AI and Machine Learning, is set to soon change the face of the entire IT industry!

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