How is Harry Potter Wizards Unite Better Than Pokemon GO?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Mobile Game. Augmented reality game, Location-based game, Role-playing video game.

After Pokemon Go, Niantic labs have announced their new Augmented Reality game which is called Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Instead of the Pokemon world, the new game is based in the Harry Potter Universe by JK Rowling. It is an interesting world as there are many different storylines to explore, an awesome history and the fans have been waiting for such a game for long. Pokemon GO had a huge boom in 2017 with many players trying to spoof the location of their phone to collect Pokemon from areas they haven’t visited.

The new game is going to be more challenging than the Pokemon Go since the creators have tried to boil down the entire Harry Potter Universe into an augmented reality application.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is going to have multiple storylines and many systems simultaneously at play so it is going to be more complex than Pokemon Go and the creators have done a good job in doing that. You have to make sure of what you want to do as many things can take your attention from your main objective of the game.

How is Harry Potter Wizards Unite better than Pokemon GO?

Look and Feel

The game was first demoed to journalists in Niantic’s San Francisco office in the first week of March this year. The reviewers report that the game has a similar look and feel to the famous Pokemon Go. As Pokemon Go was a big hit last year, it is obvious that they are trying to repeat the success of its predecessor with Harry Potter Wizards Unite. The gameplay is similar, with a real world map in which you can travel around and find new digital items which are from the wizarding world of the Harry Potter universe that you can collect.

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Gameplay

The gameplay of Harry Potter Wizards Unite involves collecting different artifacts from the wizarding world and also occasionally helping other characters from the wizarding world who are in need of our help. For example, if Harry needs help in defeating a dementor, we can cast the spell by tracing the hand movement of the spell on the screen. After completing the task, we can add any item we have collected or characters in a collections book. Doing such tasks will gain us experience points which contribute towards leveling us up.

The gameplay just sounds like it is like any other game like Pokemon Go but it is much more. It doesn’t have a single objective that you have to complete in order to move forward. You can do many things to move forward in the game. It is as close to a complete Harry Potter RPG game as there can be, with the element of Augmented Reality of course which makes things much more interesting. It is not easy to understand and it is a good thing as it gives us the complete experience of the wizarding world that J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) created when she started writing the first Harry Potter books.

How is Harry Potter Wizards Unite Better than Pokemon Go?

Unlike Pokemon Go, there are many things that you can do in Harry Potter Wizards Unite than just going through the map and interacting with magical objects and people. As we said earlier, Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a fully fledged Role Playing Game so it has things like Professions, teaming up with other wizards as well as learning new in-game abilities.

Instead of the original Gym battles which were present in Pokemon Go, in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, you can team up with five other players to compete against others in a fortress. You can also choose a specific profession and you can be a master in that field. You can become an Auror, healer or anyone you want to be.

The game can be confusing for you if you just want to take a taste of what the Augmented Reality in Harry Potter Wizards Unite looks like. It is a lot more complex than its predecessor and requires some dedication in order to be fully understood. It doesn’t look like kids can play the game as things like the class system as well as skill trees can be confusing. These things make the game better than Pokemon Go but at the same time, makes the game a challenge for some.


Harry Potter Wizards Unite is definitely an upgrade from its predecessor, Pokemon Go. It has everything that you can expect from an augmented reality game and is a fully-fledged role-playing game based in the wizarding world. In game elements like professions, fortress battles, as well as upgrading skills make the game better than Pokemon GO which mostly consisted of interacting with objects and traversing the map.

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