Framework VS CMS: Checking for the Compatibility

Framework vs CMS

Today is the era when youth is immediately engaging to start up their career as an entrepreneur just after graduate. Most of them have the intention to serve online. It means that they need to set up an e-commerce website for initiating. But the problem is that 80% to 85% folks do not become aware of the coding and script languages. For them, a CMS system is suitable. However, several guys won’t prefer it. They give importance to Framework due to prior knowledge and experiences.

Now, here comes a debate about what is suitable for you? Framework or CMS. Below are some aspects we are trying to highlight for you. So, you can decide in a better way and chose the appropriate one.

Before proceeding further, here is a quick explanation of both systems.

Defining Framework with Examples

The framework is the set of customized-code written by programmers using specific computing language to meet the demands and requirements of website owners. This code is personalized with support for streamlining the process for future upgrades.

Defining CMS Capabilities

CMS is used to create, manage, display, store and integrate a website into the world wide web. No programming background required to operate a CMS. “We found the most comprehensive tools at WordPress our CMS of choice,” says Cindy Sky from Crowd Writer. The examples are Shopify, BigCommerce, WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, etc.

Comparing CMS Capabilities with Framework Facilities

The company’s plan of operation will be a huge factor in deciding which type of website is convenient for your eCommerce business. Even after the consideration of these factors, some plans will be more suitable for CMS and others will unmistakably use the framework settings. Each one has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. For some businesses, constant change will be the norm. However, for other companies, the change will be an anomaly.

It is always advisable to choose a URL address which is pertinent to the central business activity of the organization. The business will decide based on fundamental factors which are essential to the online business stores. The information provided here is based on generic factors. There are 4 primary factors which can be used to judge whether a Framework system or CMS will be preferable. All these aspects depend on the owner of the website and the principal business activity. These circumstances are time, money, security and future development.

1. How much time do you have to market your e-commerce web?

If you are looking for an easy solution which is easily devisable within a short period of time than CMS is the way to go. With this system, you can easily put together a website with basic functionality in the face of competition. If you have substantial time and are looking to produce a comprehensively well-rounded and rational project then Framework is the choice.

2. How much money do you have to market an online store?

There are several plugins been developed for minimizing the marketing goals. They are compatible with CMS systems. While on the other hand, customized-base codes e-commerce website developer has to either create such plugin own self or consume enough time to integrate the ready plugin within their own system.

Moreover, the promotion of framework-based online services needs more money to utilize in marketing it. Means you need extra dollars for the advertisement purpose.

3. Exposure of your e-commerce store; limiting the line of expertise or expanding?

Numerous guys establish the profession with the intention to focus on single type services. For example, academic writing includes assignment, dissertation writing, essay, coursework, case study, and a lot more. But they all are based on some category, i.e., writing. However, some groups are expanding their areas of expertise, for example, online utility stores. They need to offer a different type of stuff on their e-commerce websites.

You need to set the vision of future working and targeted ambition. If the commercial project involves progressive change over time and you are looking to diversify your business functionality than choose the Framework method. CMS provides limited growth options.

4. Keep in mind the security aspect for your online customers?

When we talk about e-commerce website, in most cases, the business needs a specific payment gateway. Here comes the security factor. Typically, CMS system is developed keeping different use of the same plugin. Hence, the functionality remains the same. The hackers get benefit from such coding and tried their best to penetrate the admin side. Once they succeed, they will misuse the information. If you have skills to control such suspicious activities and minimize the risk, then adopting a ready platform won’t harm you. Otherwise, expert preferred to manufacture the code yourself and test it for every possible security hacks.


It is hard to justify which one works great for you. However, some professional e-commerce website developers recommend starting with CMS. It will save your time, money and efforts. And make sure that once you start earning, spare some cash from profit for constructing the framework based structure for long-term future and credibility.

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