13 Helpful Apps and Tech Tools for When You Are Temporarily Disabled

Anyone who has sprained or broken their ankle and ended up in a cast for multiple weeks knows the pain of simply being unable to carry out normal daily functions, especially when on crutches or stuck wearing a walking boot (get more info about walking boots for sprained ankles).

From eating to working, going out, and shopping, your needs simply don’t need to come to a halt when you hurt yourself. Use these helpful apps and tech tools to save time, stress, and find the help you require when you are temporarily disabled: John is temporarily disabled, and on crutches. John sees his Doctor


Fixing a meal and carrying it to the table to eat is almost impossible on crutches. Getting out to pick up takeout is also likely out of the question. Save yourself the time and hassle, and use these free apps:

  • GrubHub – order restaurant takeout from loads of restaurants in your area with GrubHub’s quick and intuitive website or app. Track your delivery from order to the second it arrives at your door, and handle all payments and tips through the app. grubHub.com happy eating. Order online for free. The food you want. Whenever. Wherever. Delivery and Pickup.
  • UberEats – From the ride-sharing app Uber comes a fast and smart food delivery service that gets you your favorite restaurant eats without having to get off the couch. With the UberEATS app, your favorite local restaurants are always a tap away. Download the app and place your order.
  • Yelp Eat 24* – from the popular restaurant review website, this food delivery service doesn’t have a fee for use, but like the others, does require a delivery fee for some restaurants. Access tons of restaurant menus and reviews to make the best decision, order online or from your mobile device. Yelp Eat24 - The Best Food Delivery & Takeout App for Desktop and Mobile


Is a temporary immobilizing injury making it hard to get back and forth to the office? These apps and tech tools make it easy to telecommute (work from home) while still staying in constant contact with your team.

  • Slack – set up a team in Slack and invite co-workers to join. You can instant message back and forth, share files, organize projects, and receive notifications and alerts.
  • Skype – live video chat and share your screen, or simply place a free group call over WiFi. Instant messaging is also available, as well as a way to leave voice messages. Skype - Chat, Video call, Voice call, Group Video calls, Instant Messaging, Call phone numbers, Screen sharing
  • Google+ Hangouts – live video chat with multiple people at once via Google+ Hangouts, message a friend or start a group conversation, and sync across multiple devices.
    Google+ Hangouts

    Google+ Hangouts | Image Source: thenextweb.com

  • UberConference – hold a free conference call with your team members and share your screen with everyone if you need to show or present something. UberConference lets people join with a link, no pins or IDs needed. UberConference - conference calling done right


Don’t even think about trying to go grocery shopping when you only have one good foot and no free hands to carry bags. These helpful apps make it easy to order the groceries (and other items) you need and have them delivered right to you door:

  • InstaCart – this same day grocery delivery service lets you build your shopping list online for the participating grocery store of your choice. A real live InstaCart agent does the shopping for you and delivers what you need promptly. Instacart: Groceries Delivered From Local Stores
  • PostMates – this free service delivers more than just food from restaurants, they can pick up items you need from a variety of businesses including drug stores, coffee shops, and grocery stores. Postmates On-Demand Delivery Service
  • Amazon Prime Now – shop online or with their iOS or Android app for everyday essentials, health and beauty items, household goods, food, and more. Or have one of their partner grocery chains deliver straight to your door (depending on where you live). Amazon Prime Now offers FREE 2-hour delivery of all household items and essentials you need every day

Going Out

The challenge of getting out and staying active while temporarily disabled is tough, especially if you are unable to drive. These apps can save the day:

  • Uber – One tap of the Uber app and you’ll have a ride on their way to you in no time. Get fare estimates, don’t worry about reservations, and count on the largest ride sharing app to get you where you need to go safely and quickly. Uber ride sharing app for fast, reliable rides
  • Lyft – Request a ride from your iOS or Android device and get picked up within minutes with Lyft. With safety features in place to help you feel secure, Lyft lets you get a ride with the convenience of handling all transactions through the app itself. They even offer a way for you to round your fare up to donate to charity. Lyft: A ride whenever you need one. Driving You Happy
  • DarkSky – avoiding icy and slick weather when on crutches is a must, so don’t forget to stay on top of the forecast before you head out. DarkSky aggregates hyper local weather radar and data to give you to-the-minute predictions and alerts about inclement storm systems. Dark Sky Weather App for iOS and Android - Most Accurate Source of Hyperlocal Weather Information

Don’t let an immobilizing injury put you out long term. Find virtual solutions for your everyday needs with helpful tech tools and apps.

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